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Babylon Resources acts on behalf of its clients to supply Equipment, Training and Consultancy Services to meet all national defence, internal security and law enforcement requirements. These include: Threat Assessment, Border Security, IED/EOD/Bomb Disposal, Drug Interdiction, Counter-Terrorist and Counter-Terrorism operations.
Babylon Resources also provides equipment, support and modernisation packages to meet tactical, operational and strategic requirements. Its aim is to improve capability by offering the most effective equipment and whole-of-life support to maintain it at the highest levels of readiness and operational availability.
Babylon Resources personnel are trained military instructors or law enforcement officers. They have many years of experience in carrying out the duties, drills and operations of national defence and internal security, so they can offer advice on equipment based on experience gained in the real world.
Babylon Resources will provide further details of its Training Packages, Equipment Catalogues and Consultancy Services on request to official Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Organisations or approved Security Companies. The company prefers to react to all legitimate enquiries by opening a discussion to identify the best way to help potential customers meet their requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.
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Babylon Resources is confident that it can provide the necessary experience and support to improve the effectiveness and operational capability of armed forces and law enforcement agencies.


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Tel +44 1963 23228